FaMoz, a software for parentage studies


        Sophie Gerber, Patrick Chabrier, Antoine Kremer (contact: sophie at pierroton.inra.fr)

        INRA, UMR BioGEco, Bordeaux-Pierroton
        INRA, Biometrics and Artificial Intelligence, Toulouse

FaMoz, a software written in the C language and in TclTk, uses likelihood calculation and simulation to perform parentage

studies with codominant, dominant, cytoplasmic markers or combinations of the different types (see the diagram of FaMoz
basic functioning). For a methodological description, see:

Gerber S., Mariette S., Streiff R., Bodénès C., Kremer A., 2000. Comparison of microsatellites
and AFLP markers for parentage analysis. Molecular Ecology, 9: 1037-1048

To cite FaMoz, please use the following reference: 

Gerber S., Chabrier P., Kremer A. (2003) FaMoz: a software for parentage analysis using dominant,
codominant and uniparentally inherited markers, Molecular Ecology Notes, 3(3) 479-481.
C codes are available on request. Any comment or feedback concerning the software is very welcome !

The TwoGener options should not be used anymore, use the software Poldisp instead.

The software FaMoz, an acronym for "Father/Mother",  can be downloaded as a Windows, Linux or a Unix (Solaris) version.

                  Updated 24/02/09